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Welcome To The Morbid Reich
Welcome To The Morbid Reich
«XXV - CD 2008 
1. inVADERs (intro)
2. Chaos
3. Vicious Circle
4. Crucified Ones
5. Dark Age
6. Reign-Carrion
7. Silent Empire
8. Sothis
9. Incarnation
10. Reborn In Flames
11. Blood Of Kingu
12. Carnal
13. Fractal Light
14. Red Passage
15. Black To The Blind

1. Kingdom
2. Wings
3. Xeper
4. Cold Demons
5. Final Massacre
6. Reign Forever World
7. Epitaph
8. Dark Transmission
9. Fear Of Napalm
10. Wyrocznia
11. Tyrani Piekieł
12. Trupi Jad (Polish version)
13. Reborn In Flames (special version)
14. Dark(er) Transmission(er) (Hertz version)

All tracks were re-recorded in 2008 exclusively for this release!

1. Giń Psie (Olsztyn 1986)*
2. Trupi Jad (Białystok 1989)
3. Vicious Circle (Moscow 1990)
4. Demon's Wind/ Decapitated Saints  (Białystok 1992)
5. Intro/ Dark Age (Piekary ¦l.1992)
6. Breath Of Centuries (Warszawa 1992)
7. Chaos (Groningen 1993)
8. Decapitated Saints (Brooklyn 1993)
9. Reign-Carrion (ŁódĽ 1993)
10. Blood Of Kingu (Torino 1995)
11. Crucified Ones (Sopot 1995)
12. Testimony (Hamburg 1996)
13. Black To The Blind/ Silent Empire (Madrid 1998)
14. Distant Dream (Stolzenhain 1998)
15. Forwards To Die/ North (Houston  2000)
16. Sothis (Essen 2001)

* Original audio track from 1986/ Video-clip recorded in 2008
 Mystic Productions (Poland)
Regain Records (Europe/ USA
Avalon Marquee (Japan)
  Executive Producer
Piotr Wiwczarek (Peter)

Wojtek & Slawek Wiesławscy

Recorded and mixed:
Hertz Studio, Białystok, July 2007 - March 2008

Wojtek & Sławek Wiesławscy

Wojtek & Sławek Wiesławscy

Special guests:
SIEGMAR (Vesania) - keyboards & samples in "inVADERs (intro)", "Dark Age", "Silent Empire", "Sothis", "Blood Of Kingu", "Carnal", "Kingdom", "Dark Transmission"
SETH (Severe Torture) - vocals in "Blood Of Kingu"
ROMAN KOSTRZEWSKI (KAT) - vocals "Wyrocznia"
PIER¦CIEŃ (Dead Infection) - vocals in "Fear Of Napalm"
HAL (Dead Infection) - bass in "Fear Of Napalm"

Cover art & design
Jacek Wi¶niewski (

Agnieszka Krysiuk

Line Up:
Peter (vocals, guitars)
Daray (drums)
Mauser (guitars)
Novy (bass)

The opening track from the "Morbid Reich" demo tape recorded and released in 1990 by the first independent metal record label in Poland CARNAGE RECORDS. The highly professional layout was a shock for our fans not only in Poland...This was also the first release produced in cooperation with Mariusz Kmiolek - our manager until today. "Chaos" and the songs from "Morbid Reich" were probably the first songs that steered the band towards the new sound ... and image. After the "Necrolust" demo tape recorded a year before, which still sounded somewhat "old-fashioned," this one opened the new pathways, which VADER followed for the next decade. It is one of those tracks, which being influenced by the new extreme metal scene, also influenced the scene itsel. Chaos took control over the world once again.


The very first VADER track ever released internationally on the "Monsters of Death" compilation released by Earache Records, right before we signed to this famous label. It was a version taken from the "Morbid Reich" demo, which by that time had sold several thousand copies around the world outside any professional distributional channels!


Composed just after "Morbid Reich" was released. Definitely our first step towards VADER's debut album. After 8 years we could say: "we're ready!!!" A deal with Earache Records was finalized. In the meantime we had played many shows in Poland ... the time was coming when live performances became VADER's strong poiny.


VADER's first international hit. The opening track on the debut "The Ultimate Incantation" album - also the first video clip released by MTV and played on "Headbangers Ball"!!! The clip (and song) motivated thousands Extreme Metal Maniax in Poland. We broke the wall to the West with the first tour in Europe and USA in 1993 ... "Dark Age" was the opener every evening.


An old track (titled "Trupi Jad") remade. Before 1988 VADER had another singer "Czarny" (English: "Blackie") and we composed all songs in Polish. The material was also more Heavy than Thrash or Death Metal. "Reign-Carrion" bridges these two phases ... It's long and complicated with many riffs but at times also fast and fairly dark sound-wise. This was the first song which I translated into English ... the first written in English from scratch was "Decapitated Saints." And Doc joined us then as well...


"De Profundis" was our long-awaited second full-length album and this song opened it like a storm. No intro, no questions ... no mercy! We still wanted to be more and more extreme ... Faster, darker with no compromise! With a great drummer we could do it. When he joined us in 1988 Doc had been playing drums for a long time. Progress from "The Ultimate Incantation" was obvious. Within a year we wrote enough songs to enter the studio again, this time the Studio Modern Sound in Poland. We made the album within a few weeks, and it is still called today one of the best metal albums ever recorded in our country.


"Sothis" opened the mini-album recorded in the Modern Sound Studio a year before "De Profundis" was released. It is so different and so much darker than VADER's debut. Recorded again in a heavier and better version for the second album, it became VADER's flag-hit, which we played thousands of times in the years to come. Short, fast & heavy, catchy... VADER's at its most precise killing!


VADER's second video song. This time we used what is so typical of the band and constitutes its strength: live shots.


(Feat. Seth on voc.)

This track - originally titled "Abaddon" - was VADER's fastest song in 1986, but in this version nothing is left untouched. On the "Necrolust" demo from 1989 it appeared under the new title ("Reborn in Flames") and in a new, slower version with English lyrics!!! At that time this was unusual in VADER. On "De Profundis" it appeared once again - we added the slow and heavy intro . It's not over yet. Enjoy the ultimate , evil and dark shape of this Hell- song NOW!!!


Another one famous piece from "De Profundis." Typical of 1990's and influenced by H.P. Lovecraft's work and dark Summerian Magic. Like a heavy tank, "Blood of Kingu" crashes with heaviness and crawls deep inside your soul. Someone said once: "there's no real VADER show without this song"... this may be true ...


This is two-minute long "smash In the face," which was created in the Selani Studio in about two minutes ... it became VADER's absolute hit equally fast!!! The total blast and chanting vocals (a capella) - this was as experimental as it was thrilling! Hard to imagine a VADER show without "Carnal." It remains the most-wanted song since 1996 ... and there were few VADER concerts without it. More than a hit, more than an anthem ... just "Carnal"!!!


A very rhythmical and melodic song referencing older compositions and featuring new lead forms ... More melody and new solutions can be heard beside tremolo and Chaos. Also, Mauser replaced China on guitar here.


Starting with only bass & drums, it is totally blasting piece of Madness, pretty much inspired by Grind Core. Raw and brutal music with a direct message. It also paved the way for VADER's upcoming album.


The title track of VADER's third full-length album. It crowns the record as well as a chapter in the band's history connected with Pawel Wasilewski (R.I.P.) - a writer and co-writer of lyrics since the first "Necrolust" demo tape. The world was too strange and small to him so he chose another way. What is black to the blind...was blue and gold to Him. Till next Time You Grand Traveller!


Probably the band's first slow and totally heavy song. A metal anthem taking all souls into a Dark and Secret Kingdom ... The was also a video clip recorded during one of VADER's shows in the Krzemionki TV studio in Krakow. The whole performance was released on the first official VHS "Vision & Voice" (later on DVD).


After the very mysterious and dark "Black To The Blind," "Litany" is razor-sharp, merciless and pretty simple in its form. It was recorded in the Red Studio in Gdansk. Apart from "De Profundis" it is one of VADER's most favorite albums ever. The opening "Wings" attacks with the first notes like a storm ! And this is just the beginning...So spread wide your wings !!!! Total annihilation is coming.


One of "Litany"'s hits inspired by the mysticism of Ancient Aegypt and the Cult of Holy Scarab. Nowadays definitely among most wanted live tracks. It is another masterpiece written by Pawel Frelik, who has worked with VADER since "Silent Empire" and has been our friend from the beginning. And the Cult still oozes from the walls....


Steel Beasts destroying all in their way - it's the shortest summary of the song. Also one of the most widely-known video clips from VADER, made in the Selani Studio in Olsztyn. Cold steel of armored colossi and inside them a beast bigger still - a human being. Fire!!!!!!!


(Feat. Novy & Mauser on voc.)

No other song in VADERs career has had so many versions. First on "Necrolust," then "Morbid Reich" and the debut "The Ultimate Incantation," finally on "Litany." Once a symbol of VADER's extremity, now a part of the band's long history. "And the winner is Death!!!"... a truth so symbolic and ruthless.


Lukasz Szurminski's first song, which is partly a rebellion and partly a manifest. It features melody of the 1980's and aggression of 1990's. It opened the eponymous mini-album recorded after "Litany" but shortly before the next record which radically changed the band's image: "Revelations."


Dedicated to Doc (R.I.P.)

The album essentially inspired by the events of 11th September 2001 and the atmosphere of the end of world and the new millennium. Heaviness and pathos but also sadness and meditations ..."Revelations" is also Doc's final album, after which He left VADER after nearly 15 years of playing and writing. He passed away in 2005 ... Another great talent joined the Unknown.


So different from previously recorded material. More melody, more inspirations from 1980's. "The Beast," the album equally adored and hated, was recorded in the Radio Gdansk Studio and completed a long phase in VADER's history: one of quest, progress and choices ... Daray also appeared on this album, later to join the band more permanently. The next album "The Art Of War" started a new period - another 25 years?


Feat. Pier¶cień &Hal on voc&bass)
Dedicated to Jessie Pintado (R.I.P.)

Jessie inspired not only with His amazing hair. TERRORIZER changed the entire Metal scene....


(Feat. Roman Kostrzewski on voc.)

KAT was for Poland what BLACK SABATH or SLAYER were for the West... the beginning of the rebellion and the new age.


The song was one of VADER's first hits, then only local band from the city of Olsztyn... With our ruthless style and image look (so much different from the one from 1990's) we attacked, destroyed, and - with other groups like us - we built the new Metal scene in Poland. "Czarny" on vocals, Zbyszek and Peter on guitars, "Rob" on bass and "Jachu" on drums - this was the line-up during the first shows and on the first tapes. A long time ago ... in the city of Olsztyn ...

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