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Tibi Et Igni
Tibi Et Igni

On April 3 2015, almost thirty years after the first Metalmania festival, the legendary Vader will take you back in time! Check out Peter recalling the good old days:

“Showing up on-stage in 1986 was the first big venue for Vader to play in. We had the opportunity to play on different Metalmania editions throughout the years but the first time was the most important and memorable for me. Vader was chosen after the jury heard our rehearsal tape that we sent. To be honest, we didn’t even thought that anybody will give a shit about it until… one winter evening Zbyszek came by hyped and shouting “We are going to the Metalmania!!!”. It was quite a suprise for us, like signing to Earache Rec six years later. The gig was a real “blitzkrieg”! We were so pumped up with the whole atmosphere, the bands that shared the stage with us and the enormous audience. For a young band from Olsztyn this was like standing at the threshold of hell! We met with Dragon and Test Fobia Kreon. Back in the day we were all about orthodox music & making friends with those who shared our views. That Metalmania was also a breakthrough for the band. After the show we parted ways with Zbyszek – the co-founder of the band. We wanted to play more aggressive – faster and extreme. Zbyszek was not into this kind of music… But in the end this is how our signature style was born, somewhat after the 1986 Metalmania.”
We would like to recall you the first steps of the most important Polish death metal band ever! The three legendary demos “Live in Decay”, “Necrolust” and “Morbid Reich” started, what turned out to be, a worldwide expansion of Vader lasting until today. Those three albums have finally the kind of releases that they deserved in the first place. This will also be a start of series of special releases that will see the light of day in the coming months.
We’ve prepared standard CD’s, limited digipaks, limited cassettes and vinyls of course, with tons of new t-shirts (including 3 exceptional designs made by Chris Moyen only for this occasion). We did our best to recreate that oldschool look and feel of those releases. Peter handpicked and supervised the designs that were made with never before seen footage of Vader early days. We reduced the amount of noise on the demos and prepared them exactly how they should sound like on cd, vinyl and tape. We are hoping that the releases will have that “collectors item” look and feel for the fans and they will meet their expectations.
Also we are preparing a special vinyl edition of the three demos with Zbigniew M. Bielak’s designs. This edition will be released along with a 200 pages book (30cm x 30cm) full of unique photos, interviews, reviews and lots of very rare stuff from the “demo period”- with the commentary of Jarek Szubrycht. The release will have an exclusive packing along with an additional DVD disc to be available in June 2015. The cover artwork for the book was designed by Chris Moyen!!!
March 4 2015 we invite you to celebrate Vader’s special show „BEFORE THERE WAS CHAOS” in Bialystok’s club ZMIANA KLIMATU where you can buy all the limited editions of Vader’s demos a month before the premiere!

Don’t hesitate to pre-order the releases in our webstore with special items:

here you can find all the releases with autographs special editions T-SHIRT !!!
And here you can check out the samples from the upcoming albums:

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