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Tibi Et Igni
Tibi Et Igni
 1. Silent Empire
2. An Act Of Darkness
3. Blood Of Kingu
4. Incarnation
5. Sothis
6. Revolt
7. Of Moon, Blood, Dream And Me
8. Vision And The Voice
9. Reborn In Flames
 Croon Records (Poland)
Impact Records (Europe)
Conquest Music (USA)
Marguee/Avalon (Japan/Asia)
Metal Mind (Polska)
Peter (gitara, wokal)
Doc (perkusja)
(Lyrics: Paweł Frelik Music: Piotr Wiwczarek)

Trystero is the name of the oldest conspiracy in the world which
started off in the early XIII century and has supposedly survived
until our times. In modern times the Trystero couriers used waste bins
to pass their secret messages. The main aim of the organization was
undermining of all official power in all its guises. Trystero is reported
to have been active in America for the past 200 years, but no
definite evidence has ever been found.

We await the silent empire The timeless domain of disinherited ones
We do believe in silence All that is hidden and hushed serves our quest
The spaceless kingdom of ones that expect
The nameless worshippers of future to come
When the courier's sign glimmers in the dark
We rise our eyes in wait
Our heads - that's where it dwells
Our hearts - that's where it ripens
Our hopes - that's where it reigns
You'd better never antagonize the horn
We wish to disremember the defeated cause Lost in the maze of the world
We restlessly seek way out and up To evil
To another fall from grace into pride
There in the world they think they conspire
How pitful seems their toil and plot
We drop our letters into waste bins in the streets
And gather to read the words of those who concoct
Our heads - that's where it dwells
Our hearts - that's where it ripens
Our hopes - that's where it reigns
You'd better never antagonize the horn
The empire, it is in us
The horn, there you can see
The message this should come soon
Trystero, the name of behold
We're from the outer empire
Our heads - that's where it dwells
Our hearts - that's where it ripens
Our hopes - that's where it reigns
You'd better never antagonize the horn
We await the silent empire.

(Lyrics: Paweł Wasilewski Music:Piotr Wiwczarek)

In the so-called "Enochian" system of Magick, the 10th Ethyr
(a non-dimensional sphere of the Astral) named ZAX is the place where
the Psychonaut must meet and battle CHORONZON, a daemon-god to some,
yet an illusory nonentity to others. This devil of Dispersion is the
Guardian of the Abyss, the Dweller of the Treshold, and the Gate itself
this identical with YOG-SOTHOT of H.P. Lovercraft's mythos.

An act of darkness is in us Holy times and sacred season sites
Oh, black hole empty God Let them devour their own light An elevenfold cross eclipse
Synmetric fourness not to be found
Brightness protons vibrate outside
The 10th Aire very unGod
Blind larvae of moonlight souls Trapped in the saliva of Times
Root thier lairs in mucus of the void A name of none and nothing
An elevenfold cross eclipse
Synmetric fourness not to be found
Brightness protons vibrate outside
The 10th Aire very unGod
A non-form of all-form is The paradox of the Highest Monads
Haughty Lords, Gehenna below Govern those who govern
An elevenfold cross eclipse
Synmetric fourness not to be found
Brightness protons vibrate outside
The 10th Aire very unGod

(Lyrics:Piotr Wiwczarek Music: Piotr Wiwczarek)

And was not Man created from the blood of Kingu, commander of the hordes
of the Ancient Ones? Does not Man possess in his spirit the seed of
rebelion against the Elder Gods? And the blood of Man is the blood of
vengeance. And the power of Man is the power of the Ancient Ones. And
this is the Covenant.
(Of the Forgotten Generations of Man - taken from "The Magan Text")

We - from the blood of the dead We're burning with fury and hate
Bloody vengeance still growing in us
Waiting for mighty lords who'll praise again
Cry of the dreaming-dead Still existing in my head
They are spawn of the lords And venom of the evil gods
Through the caverns of the earth they creep
Still waiting for the right time
They revolt against the holiness Leading me the mighty realm of madness
Primal lords Eternal creatures of the earth
Moved before the upcoming revolt Listen to your sickest dreams
Awakening of the fallen is written in us
Secular war Among the giants of universe And race of man created in hate
Lead your thoughts beyond the time
And wake up the ancestry of our eternity
Distant worlds Abominations unaffected
Waiting for the rebirth of the ancient race
All the creatures of darkness arise
I open my mind for coming of the lords.

(Lyrics: Paweł Wasilewski Music: Piotr Wiwczarek)

The nephilim (Hebrew for 'giants' or 'the Fallen Ones') of the
ancient Jewish legends are just distraction of what cults of Sumer
and other old civilisations refer to - a race of partly divine,
partly organic, so to speak, creatures from the Outside, be it other
worlds or another planet. Almost all prime great cultures teach
that these beings provided the mankind with the godly spark of wisdom,
both mundane (like agriculture) and mystical and that they and people
were severely punished for that Promethean rebelion by forces
trying to hold the mankind in the state of animal-like state of
blissful ignorance. Yet the seed was sown for us to flourish.

A soul in blackness once enslaved Reaching an outer dimension
To get my unrest slayed Wisdom ideas in seven steps
I saw them flying, falling, dying
Immortal till the strenght's come
Dipped in pains of disdain
Humbling themselves until dawns
An outer space, inconceivable Forbidden regions for the mortal ones
You find out the mysterious way
And touch the beginning of time before the light
I saw them flying, falling, dying
Immortal till the strenght's come
Dipped in pains of disdain
Humbling themselves until dawns
Magick triumphes whisper with drone Of their victory,
napping though the ages A cipher of books of no return
To bring you near by their calm
Ritual dementia hour to be higher Prenetal atavism
exploding again Phantasmagorial ones awakening
To lay their power onto me
I saw them flying, falling, dying
Immortal till the strenght's come
Dipped in pains of disdain
I saw them falling down.

(Lyrics:Paweł Wasilewski Music: Piotr Wiwczarek)

To ancient Egyptians no star, except for the Sun, was more important
than SOTHIS (SIRIUS). Robert Temple in his "Sirius Mystery" tells us much
about spiritual and mundane influences of the very complex symbolism
of this starry emblem, tracing its cult to the pre-Egyptian sources.
Sothis was a star of many gods, standing for Isis, Osiris, or even
daemonic Seth. Modern occultics, especially Kenneth Grant (the head of
Typhonian O.T.O.), name its influence as very important and identify
it with the current of the present age, Eon of Horus, Corwned and
Conquering Child, yet with the Sethian element still present and valid.
A slightly different account of this great enigma may be found in a
fascinating "Cosmic Trigger" by R.A. Wilson.

No more a thing I knew ... transformed - transfigured
Transcended ... in an endless progress cycle
DNA metamorphosis ... of the dying cellls
Into something that will last ... forever
Immortal ... my soul ... alone under The cracking skies...
on trembling Earth Closing the eye ... of blinding Sun
WHO AM I? - a question ... already answered I
am who I am ... no less no more Destinde to be, never to extinct
Remaining after ... everything dies Remaining ... A
Dog Star's Son ... beyond the Sun For ever ... and more

(Lyrics:Piotr Wiwczarek Music: Piotr Wiwczarek)

The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, and the Old Ones shall be.
From the dark stars they came before the Man was born, unseen and loathsome
they descended to primal Earth.
Beyond the gate dwell now the Old Ones, not in the spaces known unto
Man, but in their angles betwixt them. Outside Earth's plane They linger
and ever await the time of their return, for Earth has known Them
and shall know Them in time yet to come. After day cometh night, Man's
day shall pass, and They shall rule where The yonce ruled.
("Al Azif" The Book Of Dead Names")

The mighty lord of universe That moves the stars above
Hearken and remember Your spawn of race of men
...Here is the Key IA - to set the madness free
Ruler of the underworld Who came from blackened stars
I hear you in my dreams Your voice is calling me again
I am the lord of darkness
The power and the knowledge of the gods
Before me was made nothing that was made
I am the ancient race
I feel forgotten world Where only madness dwells
And all the creatures Hail the name of Kingu
I am the lord of hell
No man may seek my resting place
Forbidden caverns in the ground filled with the evil spawn
Still waiting for the prophesied revival
And when collapsed stars come into sight
They'll rise up to rule the Earth again
'cause they're rulers of the world
Lunatic screams inside your mind tear your souls apart
You're the chosen one to join your primal being
The ultimate revolt like transformation of the form
Will bring to ruin the Nazarene's empire
'cause you are rulers of the world

(Lyrics: Paweł Wasilewski Music: Piotr Wiwczarek)

Another Enochian theme is inspired by A.Crowley's book bearing the same
title, where the Beast recorded what he saw and heard during the desert
operations in 1909. The visions constitute almost a complete map of the
Astral , including the most unreachable Regions of the Spiritual.
Each vision literally sparks with intensity of expression thatis
powerfully impressive even to the uninitiated and profane.
The influence of "Vision and the Voice" can be clearly seen in all
occult masterpieces Crowley wrote after 1909, for its contents summarize
the Arcanas of all mystical, mythological, and religious emblems.

Raising my head to yell my life out Standing naked, strained
as a dying worm With body light gleaming with my
disquiet With myriads of stars not-to-be-seen
Here to cry the glassy anguish Of souls dwelling in darkness
that fell My trhoat is DAATH, the seal is breaking ZONAI
screaming the vows of frozen winds Of shapes winged - we
should be left behind We, lightnings turned into pillars Torn
into shreds, in stillborn screams Trembling with woes of fiery cycles
PAZ - to be as they Yea, I say, to be as they An oath and
order to be heard A sigil and cipher to be seen OL SONUF
VAORESAJI And that's the truth, you will taste it
Aetheric dimensions of cocoon sleepers Waters, earths, and
Fyres not given to us Mumbling the callls of Aires alone
Laying the tablets carved in flesh

(Lyrics: Piotr Wiwczarek Music: Piotr Wiwczarek)

Demons to some, Angels to others ...
(Clive Barker's "Hellraiser")

Comes the time of fear and pain The human race is bleeding away!
The earth covered by ashes and flesh Dying in terrible decay
Freezing winds freezing it all What fire hasn't burnt
Blackened blood flooding the graves
Messiah will never return!

Unholy words of the ancient prophecy
Now come true - the dead rise from hell

Toxic storms attack from the sky
Spreading the light of deadly pleasure
Nuclear mutants buried alive In blasting dust of dying world
Atomic fallls putrify human brains
The living dead creep in bloody bog
The lord of hate was awaken by death
before you die, can see the end!
All will burn in his breath His eyes paralyse every life
The demons wheel above his head Like vultures seeking the flesh
All wil burn in his breath His eyes paralyse every life
All demons transformed into grubs
To make the glob a stinking rot

Born to destroy the holy ghost to the end
Now finished wars of God
His name is the Exterminator
Covering the earth with vaporous rot
The real messiah reborn in the flames
Creator was the hell
he's killer of the world of living
The dead worship his majesty
Comes the time of wrath and death
Heaven has turned blood-red fire
Crucified souls vomiting the blood In embrace of mortal desire
Freezing winds that froze that all
What fire has already burnt
Blackened blood flooding the corpses
Messiah will never return!
No return!

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